Sonntag, Juni 18, 2006

What a wonderful Weekend

It's very interesting to meet people again, especially after a long time.
So the visit of one of our best friends was a real happening. I was laughing the whole weekend, watching movies, taking the dogs for a walk, enjoying and disliking the weather. It's the same every year: when Kieler Woche starts, the weather turns into rain for one day and lets the sun out again the next day. So yesterday it was raining the whole day and it did not surprise me, because I had to go out and take a walk with Pyro and Zora. Okay, I did not go on my own and so everybody got wet and was soaking when we entered our flat again.
The cats were looking out of the window, enjoying the cold air the whole day, but today they're lying around and don't want to get up: Heat is back.
By the way: Some of you may wonder why I'm trying to write in English this time, so I'll give you the reason: It's just for practising. Though I have an English Course at university where I'm forced to translate newspaper articles, I'm not also forced to talk and write in English more than I was doing until now. I never had what you call a "Leistungskurs Englisch" and I am not sooo good at it, if I shall speak freely. Okay, everybody is able to understand me and I'm way more better to English than anybody else in this course (Does not say anything good about it, huh?), but I think I should improve. But how should I do that? Every English course at university is - believe it or not - hold in German. And I don't get any homework, so I could practise. So I decided to write my blog in English sometimes... It is not that difficult to write simple reports about my days and my life, but I'm using more words, looking up or remebering others that I could employ. I'm also beginning to read more english books than I did until now. I don't know, but since I entered university I got the feeling that my English gets worse and worse, because I'm only theoretically using it. Translating texts is not more than looking up words in a dictionary and trying to remeber them. That sucks. And why is every fool able to study english, even though he/she is not able to pronounce the "th" in a right way...?! I don't like to study English, I thought It may be nice and fun, but it's not AND it's nowhere in the country. Don't have any illusions...
Everybody, who does a magisterstudium and needs a third subject chooses English ("I was sooo good at the Grundkurs", "hey, this is something you will always need..." "I'm going to be a teacher, but what can I teach.. No, not geography, I think, I'm trying English..." *argh*). As I said, my english neither is the best and I make many mistakes, grammatical and lexical ones, but this is not the worst.
Okay, enough from my difficulties with the english language... It's alright and I have nicer things to talk about.
Next saturday our second dog will visit us for the first time and he'll get the opportunity to take a look at the cats and to chase them through the flat... what a nice thought *hrrhrr*. No, I think, he will behave, mybe he will bark at the cats, but he will behave. And I'm really looking forward to it and I'm looking forward to having him here for the rest of his life, which may last really long because he is as healthy as a six-year-old should be and he is nearly eight!
So, I already said, that our weekend was real fun and I think, you can all understand that I'm going to sleep two or three hours now, because I'm really, really tired and did not get much sleep the other night.
So, have a nice day and watch soccer, because there can't be more fun than three red cards in one game, except four red cards in a game ;)


PS: Don't blame me for the mistakes... I know there are a lot, but It surely will improve ;)

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